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Literacy Works publishes quality literacy resources for 12 subjects. Just copy or print and teach!

Every subject in secondary school is different, with its own special literacy demands. Literacy Works helps you teach your subject content AND literacy at the same time.

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Free Teaching Ideas

Top 6 literacy tips for subject teachers

I was listening to a podcast about finance tips and the person being interviewed said that you should be able Read more...

Persuasive texts for NAPLAN 6 – write like a professor

We write differently from the way we speak.  A formal written text like the NAPLAN persuasive text is not an Read more...

Persuasive texts for NAPLAN 5 – evaluative language

In order to express an opinion or point of view, a writer must use evaluative language. This means using words Read more...

Persuasive texts for NAPLAN 4 – linking words

Linking words can help make writing persuasive because they organise information in a logical way.  Linking words help the reader Read more...

Persuasive Texts for NAPLAN 3 – modality

Persuasive texts use the resources of modality. It is actually an easy concept because we use modality all the time, Read more...

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