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Literacy Works publishes quality literacy resources for 12 subjects. Just copy and teach! Join 95% of secondary schools in NSW and 43% of schools in Queensland using Literacy Works resources.

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Free Teaching Ideas

New book – Persuasive Texts for NAPLAN

The new Literacy Works books is available now.  Persuasive Texts for NAPLAN gives you practical teaching ideas for 11 subjects Read more...

Persuasive texts for NAPLAN 6 – write like a professor

We write differently from the way we speak.  A formal written text like the NAPLAN persuasive text is not an Read more...

Persuasive texts for NAPLAN 5 – evaluative language

In order to express an opinion or point of view, a writer must use evaluative language. This means using words Read more...

Persuasive texts for NAPLAN 4 – linking words

Linking words can help make writing persuasive because they organise information in a logical way.  Linking words help the reader Read more...

Persuasive Texts for NAPLAN 3 – modality

Persuasive texts use the resources of modality. It is actually an easy concept because we use modality all the time, Read more...

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