Music: Junior Music Aural Concepts

The music aural concepts pose many challenges for our music students. The concepts are tricky to teach, and even harder to learn. Literacy Works has developed THE resources for music aural concepts, from Years 7-12. The books clearly define and explain duration, pitch, structure, texture, tone colour, dynamics and expressive techniques, unity and contrast.

Designed for junior classes, Junior Music Aural Concepts helps your students develop listening skills as well as giving them the literacy tools to write about what they hear. You can use the worksheets in Junior Music Aural Concepts on their own or in sequence. There are plenty of listening templates you can use with any musical examples! And even better, each page is a blackline master so you can copy as often as you like.

The Junior Music Aural Concepts text

  • teaches students how to describe music
  • provides practice for writing and listening
  • makes teaching aural easy
  • explains all Italian terms and musical concepts
  • contains flash cards and games
  • meets syllabus requirements for Stage 4 & 5
  • Price: $54.95

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