Music: Senior Music Aural Concepts

This book prepares students for music listening exams, where they have to write under pressure. Helpful templates and worksheets provide simple structures for complex concepts. Over 300 teachers in NSW are using Senior Music Aural Concepts.

Senior Music Aural Concepts:

  • is a step by step course for senior aural
  • clearly defines and explains concepts
  • provides clear answer templates
  • makes aural approachable and easy
  • contains student worksheets and templates
  • includes useful exam techniques and tips

Even though the resource can be copied, many schools have taken advantage of lower priced class sets to buy permanent resources for their senior classes. Music Aural Workshops are also on offer, with the author of Senior Music Aural Concepts offering affordable student workshops at your school. Contact Trish on 0412198270 to find out more.

  • Price: $54.95

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