Persuasive texts for NAPLAN 4 – linking words

Linking words can help make writing persuasive because they organise information in a logical way.  Linking words help the reader to nod as they read. If you “take the reader with you”, then you can persuade them!  Linking words can be called text connectives, because they connect different parts of a text.  Linking words can be one word on its own (e.g. firstly, next, finally) or more than one word (e.g. in fact, in other words).

You might be familiar with another word: conjunctions.  These are the words that link parts of the same sentence and occur within a sentence e.g. and, but, so, or.  In this post, we are looking at linking words between sentences or paragraphs.

Have a look at the paragraph from the last post. Can you see any linking words?

Watching too much TV is extremely bad for your health. Teenagers can spend 5 or 6 hours per day sitting or lying around watching TV and it is probable that this contributes to obesity.  On the other hand, reading books has never been associated with health problems. Therefore, reading books is completely safe for your health, while TV may cause problems.

There are two – on the other hand and therefore.


Here are some examples of types of text connectives.


Clarifying                     in other words, for example, for instance, in fact

Showing cause/result  therefore, consequently, as a result, for that reason

Time                            then, finally, at this point, previously, earlier

Sequencing ideas         firstly, secondly, finally, briefly, to conclude, in conclusion, to summarise

Adding information                 in addition, indeed, furthermore

Condition/concession                        in that case, however, nevertheless, despite this


(These are taken from the excellent resource by Beverly Derewianka, A Grammar Companion published by PETA.)


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