Spelling Buzz Game

Try this game in any subject. Build students’ spelling power in 5 minutes. Have students stand in a circle. Give them an important technical word from your subject, such as ecosystem in Geography or parabola in Mathematics. Each student takes a turn at spelling each letter. If a student says the wrong letter, he or she sits down. Then at the end, the last student says BUZZ and the next student sits down. This adds a random element to the game so that even good spellers have to sit and the poor spellers are not alone! Here’s how it works:

Student 1 – p

Student 2 – a

Student 3 – r

Student 4- a

Student 5 – b

Student 6 – a – OUT, sit down

Student 7 – o

Student 8 – l

Student 9 – a

Student 10 – says “BUZZ” -  student 11  is out and sits down.

This is a great game for the end of a lesson or a Friday afternoon.


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