Thinking skills in literacy – reflecting on NAPLAN data

Interpreting NAPLAN data is challenging for all of us. Recently, I have been spending some time working with schools to analyse their NAPLAN results and work out strategies to address areas of weakness. It’s fantastic that there is so much detailed information available. It’s possible to track student achievement by individual name or by question in the test and compare and contrast all kinds of data. However, wading through dozens of charts, graphs and tables can be tricky for those of us (like me!) not used to interpreting so many numbers.

Across the board, students seem to have difficulty interpreting and inferring information from texts. It seems to me that we need to help students climb the Bloom’s taxonomy of thinking skills so they become used to higher order thinking. It’s important that we don’t think that literacy is separate from our regular teaching. After all, there’s no point in being able to use correct grammar if we get the meaning wrong! I’ll be posting some suggestions for how to support students’ higher order thinking through literacy activities. Let me know your thoughts on this one too!

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