Word Wall

In every topic, in every subject, we need to help the students become familiar with technical terms and subject-specific vocabulary. How about using a word wall?

Take a section of the room where there is a bit of space, such as under the whiteboard, a part of one wall.  Get a strip of coloured paper or a few coloured posters and create a WORD WALL.  As you share a class room with other teachers, they probably won’t mind if you take one section of the wall.  I buy rolls of coloured craft paper and blutak one strip to a stretch of wall.

Write all the technical words related to your unit of work on the word wall. In fancy literacy terms, it’s called “building the field”. Get students to add words to the wall as you discuss them in class.

Use thick texta in bright colours. Add visuals to support the words. You can even use the words for spelling and homework activities.  Attach copies of related texts (newspaper and magazine articles). You can even give the students homework of bringing one word (or text or visual) for the word wall. Make sure you change the word wall for each unit of work.


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