Literacy Works started way back in 2000. I was teaching Music in an inner city high school. My students were really struggling with literacy, especially writing, so I asked my brother for advice. (He’s an awesome teacher in Queensland.) He showed me some literacy worksheets he had developed and we talked a lot about how to teach the subject and literacy at the same time. I developed my own worksheets for my subject and they worked a treat to help students in my classes. Then I thought, ‘Maybe other teachers might be interested in this’ … and Literacy Works was born.

I became so interested in literacy that I left the classroom to study and learn more. I gained a PhD in secondary school literacy, and I am passionate about sharing the latest evidence based literacy research in high quality resources and in professional development for teachers.

Literacy Works resources are used in 95% of NSW schools, 40% of Queensland schools and also schools in Victoria and around the country. I have also launched a new professional development program for subject teachers called Literacy in Subject Areas. The aim is to support subject area teachers to learn about how to scaffold student reading and writing in their subject. Instead of a ‘one size fits all’ approach, Literacy in Subject Areas is tailored to each subject, just like my books.

I hope you find Literacy Works makes literacy easy in your subject. Please get in touch if you have any questions and good luck with your literacy initiatives this year!

Trish Weekes PhD