Quality literacy resources for secondary school subjects

Improve reading and writing in secondary school subjects.

Every subject in secondary school is different, with its own special literacy demands. Literacy Works helps you teach your subject content AND literacy at the same time.

Perfect for online learning.

  • Making literacy easy
  • Teach students how to write like a subject expert
  • Just copy and teach
  • Site licences for online learning

Why Literacy Works?

Teach content and literacy at the same time
Integrates with the state syllabus and Australian Curriculum
to use
Blackline Masters – just copy and teach
Perfect for extras if you’re away

What's new?

Online lessons and home study

Literacy Works resources are perfect for online lessons and home study. If you purchase a site licence, students can use all the worksheets on their own devices at home or download them from your school’s moodle. We are offering special discounted prices to help schools out, so contact info@literacyworks.com.au

History Year 7 - NEW in 2020 - order now!

Literacy Works for History Year 7 is now available! The wait is over! Click on the  Shop tab above and select History for sample pages or to order online.  This book suits Year 7, Stage 4 or Level 7.  You can order with a school purchase order and email info@literacyworks.com.au, or use the order form or buy online today.

Visual Arts resources are a blockbuster!

Literacy Works for Visual Arts published in 2018 is proving popular with teachers from all around Australia.  Book 1 covers elements and principles of art – click here for a sample page. Book 2 teaches students how to write about art, including descriptions, reports and interpretations – click here for a sample page.  Or click the SHOP link above and choose Visual Arts to see more info and to buy the ebooks or printed books.

PDHPE in NSW - new syllabus

Literacy Works for PDHPE works perfectly with the new syllabus in NSW for the Australian Curriculum. We have revised the contents list to show the links to the new syllabus, but the worksheets inside the book are the same. Click these links for a free download of Book 1 NEW contents pages and Book 2 NEW contents pages. Or click the SHOP link above and choose HPE to find the full ebooks or printed books.