Making literacy easy in English

Literacy Works has four resources for English to help students learn:

  • how language works
  • basic grammar skills and sentence writing skills
  • how to write paragraphs and longer texts.

All books are blackline masters so you can just copy or print and teach!

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Basic Grammar Skills Book 1


51 pages of blackline masters

Students are expected to know and apply a variety of grammar terms for NAPLAN. These books explain language concepts for clauses and sentences: nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs; clauses and phrases; simple, compound and complex sentences; subject, articles, conjunctions, prepositions and many other grammar essentials.

Ideal for homework activities or as part of whole-school literacy programs.


Basic Grammar Skills Book 2


48 pages of blackline master worksheets

each page covers a grammar concept in a simple and visually appealing way

this book covers more grammar skills including  verbs, adverbs, types of sentences, active and passive voice and more


Text Types


80 pages of student worksheets and writing activities

this book covers the main genres or text types that students will be required to write in secondary schooling

provides clear models, scaffolds and activities for:

  • recounts
  • procedures
  • descriptions
  • reports
  • explanations
  • expositions
  • discussions
  • responses
  • evaluations

shows how the assignment instruction or question links to the genre through key words eg. assess, critically analyse, identify and more




70 pages of student worksheets

each page is a standalone activity that helps students understand how to write paragraphs

helps students structure a paragraph correctly

clearly explains topic sentences

provides models, scaffolds and templates for different kinds of paragraphs (e.g. for persuading or reporting)

shows students how and when to use modal language, imagery, passive voice, cause and effect, facts and statistics, linking words, and more


Persuasive texts for NAPLAN


81 pages of worksheets – blackline masters – just copy and teach

Provides explicit support for writing persuasive texts in subject areas for Year 7 and Year 9, to prepare for NAPLAN writing tasks

  • What is a persuasive text?
  • Step-by-step: how to write a persuasive text
  • Thinking of arguments
  • Using examples and evidence
  • Paragraph structure
  • Evaluative language
  • Modal language
  • Linking words
  • Models of persuasive texts
  • Practical activities & writing templates

Plus there are worksheets on persuasive texts from other Literacy Works resources for 11 subjects: English, Music, Visual Arts, Drama, History, Science, Geography, Commerce, Technology, PDHPE and Religious Education.


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