Literacy Works for Drama Book 1 and Book 2 are suitable for students in Years 7-10. Topics are taken from the syllabus and include:

The Elements of Drama

  • role and character
  • focus
  • tension
  • time, place and situation
  • space and situation
  • sound, movement, rhythm, moment, atmosphere
  • and more

Dramatic contexts

Aboriginal performance, Commedia dell’ arte, Theatres from Asia, small screen drama, physical theatre, scripted drama, mime, puppetry, Vaudeville, mask, Medieval drama, Ancient Greek drama, playbuilding, improvisation, clowning/comedy, Shakespeare, melodrama and more.

Drama: book 1

Each page is a stand-alone activity that explains grammar principles and forms the foundation for text types.

Literacy skills include:

Adjectives; Plural; Subject/verb agreement; Capitals and full stops; Apostrophes; Spelling; Punctuation; Verb groups; Mind Maps; Homophones; Adverbs; Rhyme; Conjunctions; Direct speech; Paragraphs; Format a script; Prepositions; Relative Pronouns; Response and Review paragraphs; Literacy games.

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Drama: Book 2

Each text type is clearly explained and reinforced with simple activities:

  • Recount – past tense verbs, sequence, paragraphs
  • Description – passive voice,
  • Explanation – cause and effect, verbs
  • Procedurecommand verbs
  • Report – topic sentences, mind map, paragraphs
  • Exposition – modal language
  • Discussion – linking words, pros and cons
  • Narrative – plot synopsis, figures or speech
  • Response and Review
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