Literacy Works has six Music books:

  1. Australian Music
  2. Musical Instruments
  3. Junior Music Aural Concepts
  4. Senior Music Aural Concepts
  5. Literacy Works for Music Book 1
  6. Literacy Works for Music Book 2.

Music worksheets on CD.

Now you can buy the worksheets from each book on CD:

  • PDFs of worksheets and answers
  • Full colour
  • Perfect for data projectors and smartboards

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Music: Australian Music

We all have to teach Australian Music – it’s a mandatory area of the syllabus. Each section reinforces Music Aural Concepts, with listening templates and examples of listening activities based on Australian Music. In over 70 pages, this book covers mandatory areas in the syllabus:

  • Indigenous Music
  • Bush and Country Music
  • Art Music
  • Jazz
  • Rock and Pop Music

In typical Literacy Works style, each page has an interesting layout and attractive graphics. The books are blackline masters so you can copy them as often as you like!

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Music: Musical Instruments

At last! A book packed with worksheets about every musical instrument you can think of! This book is sure to become a music teacher’s best friend.

Musical Instruments contains 70 pages of blackline master worksheets on -

  • Percussion – membranophones and idiophones
  • Strings – chordophones
  • Woodwind and brass – aerophones
  • Electronic Instruments

Students learn about musical instruments, literacy and music aural concepts in the same book. There are plenty of pictures and diagrams to help your students understand performing media and how sound is created. Musical Instruments worksheets will integrate with any topic you teach and they’re perfect for extras if you’re away!

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Music: Junior Music Aural Concepts

The music aural concepts pose many challenges for our music students. The concepts are tricky to teach, and even harder to learn. Literacy Works has developed THE resources for music aural concepts, from Years 7-12. The books clearly define and explain duration, pitch, structure, texture, tone colour, dynamics and expressive techniques, unity and contrast.

Designed for junior classes, Junior Music Aural Concepts helps your students develop listening skills as well as giving them the literacy tools to write about what they hear. You can use the worksheets in Junior Music Aural Concepts on their own or in sequence. There are plenty of listening templates you can use with any musical examples! And even better, each page is a blackline master so you can copy as often as you like.

The Junior Music Aural Concepts text

  • teaches students how to describe music
  • provides practice for writing and listening
  • makes teaching aural easy
  • explains all Italian terms and musical concepts
  • contains flash cards and games
  • meets syllabus requirements for Stage 4 & 5
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Music: Senior Music Aural Concepts

This book prepares students for music listening exams, where they have to write under pressure. Helpful templates and worksheets provide simple structures for complex concepts. Over 300 teachers in NSW are using Senior Music Aural Concepts.

Senior Music Aural Concepts:

  • is a step by step course for senior aural
  • clearly defines and explains concepts
  • provides clear answer templates
  • makes aural approachable and easy
  • contains student worksheets and templates
  • includes useful exam techniques and tips

Even though the resource can be copied, many schools have taken advantage of lower priced class sets to buy permanent resources for their senior classes. Music Aural Workshops are also on offer, with the author of Senior Music Aural Concepts offering affordable student workshops at your school. Contact Trish on 0412198270 to find out more.

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Literacy Works for Music

Literacy Works for Music has been fully revised and updated for 2010.  There are 50 NEW pages in each book.  No matter what music topic you are doing in class, you should be able to find literacy activities that complement your teaching strategies. With all the extra curricular commitments music teachers have, you may need to miss classes from time to time, and these sheets are perfect for extras.

Topics covered include:

  • Musical instruments
  • Australian music
  • Music for Film and TV
  • Music of another culture
  • Aboriginal music
  • Popular music
  • Classical and Romantic Music
  • Jazz… and more

Music: Literacy Works for Music Book 1

All new pages for 2010.

Each page is a stand-alone activity with content based on the music syllabus.

Literacy skills include:

Adjectives; Plural; Subject/verb agreement;

Capitals and full stops; Apostrophes; Spelling; Punctuation; Articles (a/an/the); Verbs; Mind Maps; Homophones; Adverbs; Rhyme; Conjunctions; Quotation marks; Paragraphs; Figures of Speech; Recount.

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Music: Literacy Works for Music Book 2

All new pages for 2010.

Each text type relevant to Music is clearly explained with simple activities based on the syllabus.

PLUS in 2010, there are templates for:

  • - composition
  • - performance
  • - listening

Recount, description, explanation, procedure, protocol, report, response, composition diary, listening log, performance evaluation, how to write about musical concepts.

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