Literacy Works for Science helps your students to write like a scientist. Each page relates to syllabus topics and meets outcomes from the Australian Curriculum: Science.

Each page is a worksheet – a blackline master that you can copy as much as you like.

Topics include living things, the human body, the Earth, space, micro-organisms and disease, experiments, the environment, technology and machines, scientists, science news items, safety in the laboratory, energy, forces and motion.

You can buy the worksheets as a printed book or as a PDF ebook. If you want a printed book, please contact or call 0412198270.

If you want an ebook, you can order through this website – click the links below.

All books and ebooks are sent on approval so you can see if they suit your students.

Science: Book 1

Each page is a stand-alone activity with content based on Science curriculum. All pages integrate with the Australian Curriculum: Science. All pages in Literacy Works books help to develop students’ Science Inquiry skills and help them to write like a Science expert.

Literacy skills include:

Subject/verb agreement; Capitals and full stops; Apostrophes; Spelling; Punctuation; Verbs; Homophones; Adverbs; Conjunctions; Paragraphs; Nominalisation; Writing in a formal, impersonal and technical way.

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Science: Book 2

This 82 page book helps students to write longer texts for Science: procedures, reports and explanations.

The first section covers common procedure texts students find in Science.

Students will also learn how to write Investigation Reports (also known as prac reports or lab reports). There are 22 brand new pages in this book to help students write Investigation Reports, based on models from the Australian Curriculum.

Literacy Works for Science Book 2 also helps students to write different kinds of reports (descriptive, classifying and compositional) and also explanations (sequential, factorial and conditional).

This book helps give students in Year 7-10 the skills they need to write like an expert in Science.

Use Order Form or buy online & download document nowPrice: $44.95

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