Literacy Works for Technology covers steps in the design process and approaches to design. Topics covered include Information and Communication, Products, Design Projects, Built Environments, Electronics Technologies, Food Technologies and Emerging Technologies and their impact on the environment.

Technology worksheets on CD.

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Technology: Book 1

Each page is a stand-alone activity with content based on the syllabus. Literacy skills include: Adjectives; Plural; Subject/verb agreement; Capitals and full stops; Apostrophes; Spelling; Punctuation; Articles (a/an/the); Verbs; Mind Maps; Homophones; Adverbs; Rhyme; Conjunctions; Quotation marks; Paragraphs; Figures of Speech; Recount.

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Technology: Book 2

Each text type is clearly explained with simple activities based on the syllabus.

  • Recount – past tense verbs, sequence
  • Description / Explanation – cause and effect
  • Procedurecommand verbs
  • Report – mind map, paragraphs
  • Exposition – thesis, persuasive language
  • Discussion – present tense, linking words
  • Narrative – figures of speech
  • Response – expressing value judgements
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